How to install the project in dom0?

dom0 is the special VM which has admin rights over the whole [Qubes OS]( system. To make use of this project, you will have to install Ansible and this project in the dom0.

What about an admin domU AppVM?

This should just work from an admin domU AppVM too. But, this feature is yet to be tested.

There are two major parts of the project, one qubes connection plugin, and one qubesos module.

Clone the project

In an AppVM, clone the git repo (we assume this vm’s name is development).

git clone

Install the Ansible project

sudo qubes-dom0-update ansible-python3

Copy over the ansible_module directory to the dom0

We are assuming that you will copy it over /usr/share/ansible_module/ directory and the source directory is checked out in /home/user/qubes_ansible directory in a vm named development.

Use the following commands to copy it over in dom0.

sudo su -
mkdir -p /usr/share/ansible_module/conns
qvm-run --pass-io development 'cat /home/user/qubes_ansible/ansible_module/' > /usr/share/ansible_module/
qvm-run --pass-io development 'cat /home/user/qubes_ansible/ansible_module/conns/' > /usr/share/ansible_module/conns/

Setup the configuration file

We will add the following two lines to /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg file.

library = /usr/share/ansible_module/
connection_plugins = /usr/share/ansible_module/conns/

The above configuration file will help Ansible to find the module and the connection plugin.

TODO (open question on how to install it)

Should we just make sure if any vm is in running state, then that file should be inside in the right place? or copy it over there?